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Puremeditech and its dealers are experts who understand the critical role high purity water plays in hemodialysis. High purity water that meets MOH  (Ministry of Health) and AAMI (American Association of Medical Instrumentation) standards is the number one medicine for dialysis patients.


Puremeditech manufacturers provide this high purity water for acute settings and for chronic treatment centers. In addition, we supply disinfection chemical,    Hemodialysis machine, Automatic Dialyzer Reprocessor and Medical Equipment to complete what the hemodialysis facility needs.


Puremeditech’s local sales and service dealers are available for assistance, in-service training, installation, maintenance and customized service contracts




We need a portable single patient station.


HDRO 300 Water Treatment Systems
RO complete water treatment system for dialysis. The compact sizes of the HDRO 300 systems are perfect for single or dual patient use



We need a small water purification system, only up to six stations.


HDRO-10 Series Water Purification Systems
The water purification system is perfect for acute dialysis and correctional facilities.     (Meet AAMI Standards.)



We need a complete water purification system - everything from the blending valve to the final filter


HDRO Series and ROT System Complete Water Purification Systems
Everything you need for a complete central system. Designed for easy, stress free operation. With remote location monitors and free 24-hour telephone support.



I need help understanding my water treatment system    and could use a few extra contact hours!


Puremeditech Seminars
Water Treatment and Testing for Dialysis seminars. On-site consulting is also available.


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